Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Load Shedding and the ‘Other’ Woman


A lot of readers might have heard about the effects of load shedding in our daily life but this electric monster once put me in a very awkward situation while shopping.

It was last eve of the Holy Ramzan. Load Shedding was on full swing as usual however Eid shopping was still incomplete. My wife urged me to complete shopping that evening, as the next few days were quite busy.  I agreed and sent out to nearby famous market for eid shopping along with my wife and elder son. My wife was wearing black abaa and black scarf on her head.

Thanks to the load shedding, it was dark everywhere and even no street light was on. Only the roadside stalls were using small Chinese emergency lights to throw light on the goods to be sold. And only Few shopkeepers were using generators but over all lights were not enough to shop comfortably.

My wife started her shopping from bangles stalls and fitting the role of a noble husband I wanted to help her. She wanted to buy some bangles for herself and her sisters.  I ran my sight on the whole stall for few seconds and picked up some bangle packs of her choice. I noticed she starred at me with anger, turned her face and took a step towards right. I also stepped forward and showed another packet of a different color , still praising my choice and aesthetic sense. In the twilight I could not see her face clearly but felt that she was looking nervous. I was quite surprised on what was going wrong and why was she not talking to me?

Just about when I was about to ask what was wrong with her, my son, came running to me that his mom had purchased a fancy purse and was calling me for payment…What. His words hit my head with big bang and standing there I was only puzzled that if my wife was on other stall then who was she whom I was helping with shopping? And it did not take more than a few seconds to quickly realize that when I was riveting over the stall and picking up some packets, wife would have moved and there was that lady, in same black abaa and scarf, I thought to be my wife. In a few seconds situation was crystal-clear to me.

Apart from the hilarity the situation was truly disturbing. Although, it was a pure misunderstanding, not a deliberate action and the insufficient light was the only culprit in the situation, but it was hard for me to even imagine the ‘other’ lady would be thinking about me… a shameless and mischievous soul. Only my good luck saved my reputation. I did not tell my wife anything but I learnt my lesson that evening and gifted a few beautiful scarves to my wife and requested her not to put on that black scarf  anymore. She cheered upon that “unexpected”, and to me the good thing was that she never asked the reason behind that request.

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Load Shedding and the ‘Other’ Woman

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