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Alamgir - the King of Pop in Pakistan

Alamgir, the founder of pop music in Pakistan, left the music industry when he was at the heights of popularity. Likewise his name, he is really a conqueror and music is his kingdom.

Few years ago, Alamgir settled in America and in October 2008, his kidneys were failed and he went on dialysis. Years went by, and now he is back to Pakistan for treatment and hopefully he will recover soon after kidney transplant.

In America, he continued his music journey and staged many concerts in different states. He is still full of energy and his sportiveness on the stage during performance makes him entirely different than others. When he is singing pop, the fluency and gaudiness are prime characteristics of his lyrics, which make his audience wholly devoted, moving with him as a whole.  Songs Albela Rahi…   Dekha na tha kabhi hum ne yeh sama… Hum chalay to hamare sang sang…  Keh de na baton se … are his all time best.

In his Ghazal singing, Alamgir has his own soft and easy but melodious style. The middling note of gamut brings eternal happiness for his friends. He does not seem to go more towards the classics of Ghazal singing but a blend of Ghazal and a touch of Western music assorted with fluency and soft rhythm make his style popular amongst youngsters in particular. His selection of ghazal has always been brilliant.  Sham se pehle aana… and Koi bhi rang ho tere… are the ever-green songs all of us will remember in the times to come.

His conversion and composition of Gujrati (Main ne tumhari gagr se kabhi pani…) and Bangla (Hamain to us par le ke jana manjhi re …) folk songs into Urdu were so impressive and romantic, they elevated his dignity and glory mutlifold. Alamgir had also sung many Bangali, English and Spanish songs whenever audience demanded. He was also successful in playback singing and in his films Jageer and Aa’ina were blockbuster.

His devotion to music is natural and is surely an inseperable part of his personality. He has always been successful in various forms of music. His perception and translation of in music thereafter is outstanding enough to conquer hearts. His patriotic songs are moving, and inflate one with zeal and enthusiasm. His popular patriotic songs are Khyal rakhna… Ma’an ki dua puri hoi….and Tum hi se ae mujahidon. On stage he connects with his audience’s hearts, softly and ever so subtly, something that is quintessential of a tremendous singer

His collections of music albums, no doubt, are a complete syllabus for the upcoming pop singers. Pakistan’s existing lot of pop singers and stage performers are only a tradition Alamgir has bequeathed on the new generation.His warm reception on coming back to Pakistan is the greatest proof of his fame and repute as an undisputed legendary pop star of Pakistan.

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Alamgir-the King of Pop

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