Saturday, July 24, 2010

Why has Russia changed its stance on Iran's Nuclear Program ?

Updated on : Saturday, July 24, 2010

After 4th round of Russia’s backed sanctions against Iran, the differences are rising between Moscow and Tehran. Russia was considered as a great supporter of Iran against US led alliance campaign for its nuclear program.

How did the Moscow change its stance about Iran’s nuclear program that "….. In a meeting with his ambassadors, Medvedev said we have knowledge that Iran is moving towards the bomb," – the answer may be somewhere in a series of the meetings of Russian President and US President on different occasions and most probably reaching to an understanding and later on “deal” with Washington on various strategic issues regarding Central Asia and Middle East.

Russia is fervently interested in seeking a big share in World Politics likewise in past and Washington-Tehran conflict is giving it that opportunity for the time being. That’s why, Iranian President said in the footage filmed at a gathering in Tehran on July 23, 2010, "We regret that Medvedev has become the mouthpiece for the plans of Iran's enemies,".

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