Tuesday, July 27, 2010

War on Terror – a failure is in the way!

Updated on : Tuesday, July 27, 2010

From inception, there have always been some elements of mistrust between Pakistan and USA on War on Terror. Pakistan usually complains that Pakistani Army and nation have made more sacrifices than any other nation but USA does not recognize it in its true sprit and always has a policy of suspicion on Pakistani actions against Taliban militants and Al-Qaeda. Moreover USA does not fulfill its obligations in the right way of aiding Pakistan against incurred loses in this war.
US administration although praises Pakistan Army’s successful operation and South Waziristan and Swat but simultaneously puts doubts on the role of ISI in Afghanistan. Pakistan also does not like the Pro-India policy, which USA demonstrates in the region. USA needs badly Pakistan to deal with Al-Qaeda and Taliban phenomena Both USA and India are well aware that they cannot be successful without the help of Pakistan but its is their common viewpoint and agenda that Pakistan should be given due importance despite its incredible role in the war for the stability in region and safety of whole World. From time to time, USA had the policy of pressurizing Pakistan for infamous demand of “do more” but did not bother to think deeply the necessities and requirements of this sort of war. Inside USA, there are sever differences in military command and white house on Afghan war policies. This has also resulted in termination of top US military brass in Afghanistan.
Pakistan also has reservations over USA policies in the region. Despite that Pakistan is US ally in war on terror but all USA blessings are for India. As a policy, USA does not give Pakistan whatever it needs and opposes to whatever Pakistan gets from its friend. Obviously with such sort of mindset with ally, USA cannot win war in Afghanistan. USA foreign policy should fly from Washington to Islamabad directly and not from the route of Delhi. This is the clear message of time, which should be heeded by USA if wants to win war on terror otherwise a failure is in the way.

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