Tuesday, January 17, 2012


Today there are various disputes and controversies found in the World, which are not only dangerous to global peace but also dividing the World Community in various blocks. How two nations deal with each other to resolve disputes largely depends upon the specific circumstances prevailing in their region but there are some “global issues” which involve United Nations and World Super Powers against single country hence dragging other “weak” or “dependent” nations to formulate their foreign policies to “fit” the demands and desires of those super powers to corner that victim country. The demands or desires of super powers are usually nothing but the mistrust or fear or confliction of interest or historic brawl or any other future fear from that particular victim nation. How the reality is derived from one dispute or issue is not universal constant but the reflection of super power’s interests. Reality goes that way where absolute power exists. That’s why one oppressed country’s stance (truth) is not listened and recognized by the other nations, as balance of power is not there. We can count number of disputes and controversies around us where “Reality” is the name of the military supremacy or economical viability.
Who will determine the “Reality” within Iran vs. US led Western Block conflict? Will Iran drop atom bomb on Israel or whether Iranian missiles can hit the Europe are only assumptions today but from US led Western powers to curb Iran from nuclear technology is very meaningful as Iran has denied for preparing atom bomb and clearly announced its policy against the any sort of preparations for making atom bomb but despite that, for West, “Reality” is only what they are claiming. Atom bombs are used only when war is on. Iran alone is not in a position to start war in Middle East against Israel or any other country. The only left-power in region is Israel with bad past record. Is it not in the knowledge of USA and European countries that Israel has a secret plan to start war in Middle East to complete US old agenda of forming “New Middle East” and as a precautionary measure Iran is pressed hard to stop Uranium Enrichments? It’s a well-known reality that Israel has the intentions to expand its borders up to Iraq, Jordan and Hijaz (Saudi Arabia) and it is possible only when there is an anarchy in the region and Israel involves in war with neighbor countries. Every country knows that Israel is an un-declared nuclear power and has nuclear warheads in its arsenal.
Apparently USA supports a Palestinian State but its over all ME policies are full of contradictions. It fully supports Israel with economical and military aids and assures its safety and solidarity but on the other hand strictly opposes the any sort of aids for Palestinians particularly in Gaza, which is besieged by Israel since several months. USA does not take notice and talk about nukes of Israel but opposes Iran with full force. USA teaches the lesson of democracy to whole World but opposes Iran’s elected governments and supports Arab monarchies.
India had already signed an agreement with USA for Civil Nuclear Cooperation and recently inked the same sort of agreement with Canada whereas agreements with Russia, France and Japan are under process. Under the blessings of USA, India is enjoying all the nuclear supports and cooperation with Western countries despite the fact that India has not yet signed NPT. India and Canada or USA are independent countries – they can enter into any sort of agreements but the agreements concerning nuclear issues are not ordinary agreements and should be processed under IAEA and should be available to all other countries following the precautionary requisites set by the IAEA. No country asks the clarification either from Canada or India but when the matter comes to other countries, do India or any other country has a right to ask clarification over the nuclear treaty between two proven nuke capable countries?
Nuclear Technology and International Politics are now two sides of the same coin of Super Powers. On Nuclear Technology, Super Powers want to keep their monopoly and do not want to give the right to any other nation for gaining expertise on nuclear technology. All of their efforts are based on the name of non-proliferation of atomic weapons but practically their efforts are biased and do not reflect what they say to the World as Super Powers are only interested in selling arms as a major source of income.

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