Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Singapore is best city for Asian expats: Survey Report

Updated on : Wednesday, March 24, 2010

SINGAPORE: Singapore retained its number one spot as the best place to live for Asian expats followed by Sydney, a survey by human resources consultancy ECA International showed Wednesday.

The survey showed Singapore's top ranking was due largely to its infrastructure, health services, low crime rates and better air quality.

Other Asian cities including Hong Kong, Beijing and New Delhi ranked behind Singapore largely because of the poor air quality found in these places, the survey said.

"Air pollution remains a significant problem in a number of Asian locations. New Delhi, Beijing and Hong Kong are amongst the worst locations studied in terms of air quality," ECA International said.

"Health facility provision is also a problem for many parts of the region," it said.

Hong Kong placed eighth in the list of the top 15 best locations, the survey said. Beijing took 100th spot and New Delhi ranked 185th.

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