Sunday, February 14, 2010

Chinese couples climb Sydney Bridge to mark Valentine Day

Updated on : Sunday, February 14, 2010

SYDNEY: Six Chinese couples from Beijing and Shangai climbed the Sydney Harbor Bridge on Sunday morning to welcome the Year of the Tiger and to celebrate Valentine's Day.They had expected to see the sunrise but humid and foggy conditions foiled their hopes and they were only able to wave at passing boats and enjoy the cool morning breeze.
But the couples were still happy with the experience."It's very interesting and it's a very meaningful occasion for us because this is the first time we are spending Valentines Day overseas," said one of the participants in the climb, Louisa.
All the couples were on holiday in Australia and most of their families were still back in China for the lunar new year celebrations."I wish my family all the best in the coming lunar new year and good health and prosperity," said Beijing resident, Zhang HongJun, standing with his wife Wang Ziwing.The lunar new year is celebrated by many countries in Asia as well as the Chinese diaspora.

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