Monday, January 18, 2010

Celebs talk Haiti at Golden Globes

Updated on : Monday, January 18, 2010

BEVERLY HILLS: Despite being one of the more glitzy and glamorous runways in Hollywood, the red carpet at Sunday's Golden Globe Awards stayed, as A-list stars said they were more concerned about Haiti than golden statuettes.

While stars like Julia Roberts, James Cameron, and Kate Hudson shined on the carpet, George Clooney said not to be fooled by the festivities - everyone was thinking about Haiti. He was using the carpet as a chance to get stars to join his Haiti relief telethon, due to air later in the week.

George Clooney said, "Almost everyone you talk to is involved and I'm using this as a recruiting night, so I'll be going around getting some phone numbers."

Sandra Bullock confirmed that Haiti was on the top of her list. She said, "You're here to entertain, but if it's not on your mind, you're not a human being, but I can honestly say that every single person is trying to put a smile on their face, have a good time and be thankful, but everyone's thinking about it and will be the whole night."

Mickey Rourke said he felt a little odd celebrating while people elsewhere were in need.

Mickey Rourke said, "Those people are over there suffering and we're here drinking and having a good time. It feels a little weird, but it's like after 9/11; you have to just keep moving forward."

And the star of "Inglourious Basterds," Christoph Waltz, said that Hollywood needs to keep moving on, but should keep the Haitian people in mind.

Christoph Waltz said, "One tends to forget over enthusiasm that there is another side to it. That doesn't mean that it should be a drab event here. But not to forget is the important thing."

Organizers of the Globes said they have donated 100,000 dollars to Haitian relief - and with all the A-list networking going on inside the show, there will surely be more money finding its way out of Hollywood and to the people victimized by the quake.

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