Monday, December 7, 2009

Record Xmas trees lighted in Mexico

Updated on : Monday, December 7, 2009

MEXICO CITY: It's covered in 1.2 million light bulbs and a mere 80 kilometres of cable. But then this is the tallest Christmas tree in the world and that's official - Guinness Record Book representatives have measured it.

Guinness Records Representative, Carlos Martinez, said: "Today, we took all the official measurements which show a height of 110 metres and 35 centimetres. This is a new record for the world's biggest Christmas tree."

The tree is situated in the centre of Mexico City.

It took 200 people an entire month to decorate and thousands turned out for the tree lighting ceremony.

A local man said, "The tree is really nice and the colours of the fireworks were lovely too."

Brazil has also erected a record breaking Christmas tree. At 85 metres it's not as big as Mexico's but it does sit on water making it the world's tallest floating tree.

It's also the country's third biggest tourist event.

More than a million people are expected to view the structure between now and January 6.

A Rio resident, Moema Garcia said, "The lighting up show is good every year but this year it was particularly beautiful. The rain wasn't a problem and I hope that love remains in everybody's hearts because that's what matters - not the tree itself."

Another Rio resident said, "It's good because it represents a moment of peace in Rio. We see so much war, we live with so much violence - this shows a little bit of the union, the harmony that Rio also has."

Some environmentalists may not be so delighted. But Brazil's tree also wins the prize when it comes to the number of lights.

Three million shine out from the structure - whatever your views on global warming that's an impressive statistic and an impressive sight.

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