Friday, April 17, 2009

Girl dies after punishment in India school

Updated at: 1545 PST, Friday, April 17, 2009

NEW DELHI: The eleven-year-old girl, who slipped into coma after she was brutally beaten by her teacher, died on Friday in a state of coma. She was battling for her life ever since she slipped into a state of coma on Thursday. Meanwhile, the Delhi Government and the Centre have promised strict action against those involved in an incident that led to an eleven-year-old girl battling for her life while in coma. Union Minister for Women and Child Welfare Renuka Chowdhury has promised justice will be done. An inquiry has been ordered by the Municipal Council of Delhi (MCD) into how Shannoo Khan, a student of Class 2 at ND Primary School in Narela, North Delhi, fell into coma. An inquiry has been ordered and the principal and teacher placed under suspension. The incident allegedly occurred when Shannoo failed to recite the English alphabet in class. Angered by this, the teacher allegedly hit Shannoo's head against the table and made her stand in the sun for over two hours. Unable to stand the heat, Shannoo fainted and was found unconscious by her younger sister, who studies in the same school. The girl then informed their mother, Rihanna, who rushed Shannoo to hospital. Shannoo's father, Ayub Khan, who works as a waiter in a catering company, was away in Haryana for work. Police said they had confirmed that the child was punished at school. "We have confirmed from various sources that the child did face corporal punishment and investigations are on. We will file an FIR only after we receive the medical reports," said police official.

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