Sunday, March 15, 2009

Preity Zinta back with Videsh

Updated : Saturday March 14 , 2009 6:54:08 PM

MUMBAI: Once among Bollywood's busiest actresses, Preity Zinta has cut down on films over the past two years -- and has no regrets.Deepa Mehta's "Videsh", which opens this month, is Zinta's first major Bollywood release since "Jhoom Barabar Jhoom" in 2007.But the actress said she wanted "different things from life"."I have always said that there is always someone younger and hungrier standing right behind you," Zinta told a press conference in Mumbai."Ten years ago I was that person, but today, my dreams are different."In "Videsh", Zinta plays a young woman from Punjab who travels to Canada to marry a man she has never met.She picked up an acting honour for her performance in the English version of the film -- "Heaven on Earth" -- at the Chicago film festival last year.Zinta, 34, also said she wasn’t in competition with younger actresses for roles in the Hindi film industry."In fact many of the roles they are doing might be ones that I have turned down, but I don't speak about that because I don’t think its cool," she said."Videsh" opens in Indian cinemas later this month.

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